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Mini Pill

The mini pill is just as effective as the combined pill but contains just one hormone instead of two, making it a better option for people who have experienced oestrogen-related side effects when taking the traditional pill. It is also safer for smokers, women at risk of blood clots and those over 35. It is important to have regular blood pressure checks when on the pill so make sure you book in to see your GP or visit a local pharmacy. Our Online Doctor delivery service is designed to offer a convenient way for you to get a repeat prescription for the pill you are already taking and we can’t prescribe to first time users. If you would like to discuss your pill please see your GP. If you’re looking to buy mini pills online both safely and securely, then take a look at our range of mini pills below. Our mini pill prescriptions are written by registered UK doctors and the contraceptive pill is dispensed from our own pharmacies.

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Main Feature

Cerazette Mini pill

Pack Size: 3 months / 6 months

Starting From £24.99
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Main Feature

Norgeston mini pill

Pack Size: 3 months / 6 months

Starting From £19.99
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Noriday mini pill

Pack Size: 3 months / 6 months

Starting From £19.99
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Side Effects of the Mini Pill

Before you buy mini pills online, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects. Mini pills only contain progesterone, whereas the combined pill also contains oestrogen. This means that the mini pill usually has reduced side effects when compared to the traditional pill and this oral contraceptive may be more suitable for some.

The side effects of the mini pill may include:

•    Headaches
•    Dizziness
•    Breast tenderness
•    Spotting or breakthrough bleeding.

Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Illnesses

It is important to stress that although contraceptive pills can be effective at preventing pregnancies, they do not protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you have had unprotected sex you may be at risk from STIs and it is advisable to have a check at your local GUM clinic.

Informing your GP

It's important that you keep your GP informed of any treatment that you are taking. During the medical assessment we ask you for the name and contact details of your doctor. We can then keep your GP informed if you are happy for us to do so. But please be assured that we will not contact your doctor without your consent.

For NHS non-emergency queries call NHS 111, for medical emergencies dial 999