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Morning After Pill

When it comes to sex, even if you’ve taken precautions, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan. That’s why we offer two types of morning after pill, Levonelle and EllaOne, available to order online and delivered in discrete packaging. If you have had unprotected sex and want to avoid getting pregnant it’s best to take the morning after pill as soon as possible, although it can be taken up to 3 – 5 days afterwards (depending on the brand). Be aware that if you’ve had unprotected sex and wish to order emergency contraceptive pills from us, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the medicine in good time so please note All orders received by 4pm Monday - Friday will be delivered next working day.

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Main Feature

Levonelle Morning After Pill

Pack Size: 1 / 2

Strength: 1500mg

Starting From £22.99
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Main Feature

EllaOne Morning After Pill

Pack Size: 1

Strength: 30mg

Starting From £34.99
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Key Facts About The Morning After Pill

Before you buy the Morning After Pill online, it’s important to understand that not all women are suitable for this medication.

These include:

•    Women who require emergency contraception immediately. This is because there will be a delay before your emergency contraceptive pill arrives by post and you could become pregnant;
•    Women with liver problems or gut absorption problems.
•    Women who take medicines to treat epilepsy.
•    Women with severe uncontrolled asthma should seek advice from their regular doctor before using EllaOne.

If for the above reasons you are not able to buy the morning after pill online, you should visit your doctor for further advice.

You should not use the pill more than once in any single menstrual cycle.

If your period does not arrive on time after taking the emergency contraceptive then you should consider whether it has failed and you might be pregnant.

You should carry on with your regular contraceptive pills if you have taken the morning after pill. Do not stop them without taking medical advice.

If you are taking the contraceptive pill and you use the emergency contraceptive pill please use an additional barrier contraceptive protection( E.g. condom) until your next period.

The Morning After Pill

The morning after pill is not only taken by women who have had sex without any protection, but also for other reasons such as a split condom or if you have missed your regular contraceptive pill.

How effective is the emergency contraceptive pill?

Levonelle is an effective emergency contraceptive pill in preventing pregnancy following unprotected sex and works by preventing or delaying ovulation. It has a success rate of preventing 95% of pregnancies if is taken within 24 hours of sex. The Emergency contraception pill should not be taken to prevent pregnancy if more than 72 hours have passed since you had unprotected sex, as the chances of successful prevention are significantly reduced. It is recommended that you take the emergency contraceptive pill as soon as you can.

For NHS non-emergency queries call NHS 111, for medical emergencies dial 999