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Period Delay Tablets

For women, periods are just a normal part of everyday life, but sometimes they come along at exactly the wrong time. If you’re heading off on the holiday of a lifetime, a romantic weekend away or even if you just want to feel bikini-confident for a few days in the sun with the girls, you might want to delay your period. Co-operative Healthcare online doctor service offers a product called Norethisterone which can delay your period for up to 17 days, meaning two weeks of period-free holidaying!

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Key Facts About Period Delay Tablets

Before you buy period delay tablets online, it’s important to understand that not all women are suitable for this medication.

This includes women:

•    at increased risk of blood clots or thrombosis.
•    with unexplained vaginal bleeding. (i.e. not a period)
•    who have an allergy to the ingredient Norethisterone.
•    who are pregnant or breast feeding.
•    who have breast or genital cancers, including cancer of the uterus.
•    with acute porphyria.
•    who have a history in pregnancy of porphyria, jaundice or severe generalised itching.
•    who are heavy smokers.
•    who are not suitable for the combined contraceptive pill.
•    with a history of severe migraine.

If for the above reasons you are not able to buy period delay tablets online, you should visit your doctor for further advice. Alternatively, you can visit us at our Harley Street clinic or book a telephone appointment with one of our doctors.

Using period delay tablets is a safe and clinically tested way to delay the onset of your period.  Whether it is to delay your period during your holiday, or an important occasion, the duration of use can be tailored accordingly.  It can be used two days before your period is due, to sustain the levels of hormones in your body which normally decrease when your period is due.  You take one tablet (5 mg) three times a day for up to two weeks.  By taking these, the aim is to delay or prevent your menstrual period, until you stop taking the tablets.

For NHS non-emergency queries call NHS 111, for medical emergencies dial 999